Instructions for use – Hosting, Linux system
Version: 1.0
Released date: 17-07-2012


Spatial parameters:
CentOS Linux 5.5
Apache HTTP Server 2.2.3 (mod_rewrite enabled)
PHP 5.2.17
Zend Optimizer 3.3.0
Perl 5.8.8


list of extension – php:
(Followings were from #php –m command)

[PHP Modules]
bcmath, bz2, calendar, ctype, curl, date, dom, exif, ftp, gd, gettext, gmp, hash, iconv, imap, libxml, mbstring, mime_magic, mysql, mysqli, odbc, openssl, pcntl, pcre, PDO, pdo_mysql, PDO_ODBC, pdo_sqlite, posix, pspell, Reflection, session, shmop, SimpleXML, soap, sockets, SPL, standard, sysvmsg, sysvsem, sysvshm, tokenizer, wddx, xml, xmlreader, xmlrpc, xmlwriter, xsl, Zend Optimizer, zip,zlib
[Zend Modules]
Zend Extension Manager
Zend Optimizer



Structure of hosting directory:

Root directory/
|- error     - HTTP 403, 404, 500 error pages
|- wwwroot       - Website root directory
|- cgi-bin       - CGI script directory
|- logs      - Visit logs and error logs
|- php.ini       - php documents


Directory explanations:
Including 403.html, 404.html, 500.html and relative documents with corresponding error pages ofHTTP403, 404 and 500. If you want to change the style of the error pages, you can edit the corresponding documents, therefore you can have your own error pages.

        This is the root directory of your website, please upload all of your website’s .php and .html documents to this directory.

         This directory is specifically designed for .cgi script. The .cgi script can only be executed under this directory.



Q: How do I make create a write permission for my program for a specific directory?
A: Please change the properties of target directory to 777 through using the FTP client tools.


Q: what is the execute path for Perl?
A: The execute path for Perl is /usr/bin/perl


Q: How to browse the root scripts in CGI directory through URL address?
A: The URL address for CGI script is 
Please replace ‘’ with relative address.


Q: How to check the traffic usage of my website?
A: Please visit  Please replace ‘’ with relative address. Remarks: There is a traffic usage restriction for your Linux hosting every period (1 period = 30 days). Once it exceeds the restriction, your website will become temporarily inaccessible. Your website will become accessible until next period.


After created the hosting, there will be default testing scripts under wwwroot and cgi-bin directories, you can delete these scripts.